25 December 2021

  • added support for the latest Node
  • improved styles of mobile store cart

22 October 2020

  • Updated dependencies

25 April 2020

  • improved image slider on small screens
  • fixed sidebar dropdown opened
  • fixed JS error when dragging side menu
  • changed text color to lighten

7 November 2019

  • Improved rating stars block (now support percentage)
  • Improved styles for image slider on small screens
  • Fixed horizontal scroll on page load
  • Removed styles that hides logo on small screens

29 October 2019

  • Improved styles of all elements (mostly colors and borders)
  • Improved navbar dropdowns script and styles
  • Updated all vendor plugins
  • Changed Image Slider to use Flickity (smoother and no bugs)
  • Changed png icons/logos to svg
  • Fixed navbar jumping on load
  • Minor changes

12 July 2018

  • Fixed plain videos YouTube play
  • Fixed single topic content on mobile devices
  • Fixed social icons centering on mobile

1 June 2018

  • Changed news box background image to <img> tag
  • Changed plain videos to deferred iframe load
  • Updated plugins (Bootstrap 4.1.1, FontAwesome 5.1.0, and some other small plugins)
  • Fixed countdown on small screens
  • Fixed global $ variable usage
  • Fixed video on mobiles open once
  • Fixed forum topic content break words
  • Removed text-rendering CSS because of a huge CPU usage

9 February 2018

Be careful when migrating, many files have been changed.

  • Migrated to Bootstrap 4 RTM (a lot of classes changed, please, read official Bootstrap 4 guidelines to migrate)
  • Removed Bower, now used npm packages, that placed in /assets/vendor/ directory
  • Removed jquery-form dependency (now used jquery ajax)
  • Changed contact form script to this one
  • Added sources for developers (SCSS, ES6 + Webpack, HTML Nunjucks templates)
  • Added hover effects to all image blocks
  • Added navbar autohide option by default
  • Added autofocus to search modal
  • Added mask support to the counters
  • Changed some default colors
  • Changed navbar opacity when sticky
  • Changed a lot of elements to flexboxes
  • Improved buttons hover color
  • Fixed iOs smooth scrolling in some blocks
  • Fixed news box item text when multiline text used
  • Fixed side navbar multiline items
  • Fixed navbar dropdown position
  • Fixed footer background
  • Fixed backgrounds jumping when open popups (login or search)
  • A lot of minor fixes and changes

7 March 2017

  • Migrated to Bootstrap 4 Alpha 6 (be careful, some of the classes was changed)
  • Fixed dropdown position in fullscreen and side navigations
  • Fixed sticky sidebar and content bugs (going down under footer sometimes)
  • Fixed scroll to anchor when used no valid hash
  • Changed video plain on mobile devices (open url in new tab)
  • Updated the most of plugins in assets/bower_components folder
  • Migration Guide (from 1.1.0 to 1.2.0):
    • active accordions and tabs changed class from .in to .show
    • removed class .multi-columns-row
    • removed class .equal-height

21 December 2016

  • Fixed twitter function to add links in text
  • Fixed image slider show first slide content when it is disabled
  • Fixed select options text color
  • Fixed mobile navbar if there are 2 mobile navbars
  • Fixed prevention form validation with attribute novalidate
  • Fixed audio play after ending
  • Fixed bootstrap modal style
  • Fixed error in jQuery 3

19 September 2016

  • Initial release
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