Twitter feed should be configured in file php/twitter/config.php

HTML example:

<div class="nk-widget">
    <h4 class="nk-widget-title">Our Twitter</h4>
        <div class="nk-twitter-list" data-twitter-count="2"></div>

Available attributes:

  • data-twitter-count – Number of tweets (Default: 2);
  • data-twitter-hide-replies – Hide replies and show only your messages (Default: false);
  • data-twitter-hashtag – Show tweets by hashtag;
  • data-twitter-template – Template to show twitter feed

    <div class="nk-twitter">
        <span class="nk-twitter-icon fa fa-twitter"></span>
        <div class="nk-twitter-date">
        <div class="nk-twitter-text">


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