9 June 2022

  • updated bundler scripts

7 October 2020

  • updated all dependencies
    • updated Jarallax fixes problem with parallax in Safari v14
    • major update for GSAP required changes in HTML and JS
  • fixed displaying in popup gallery invisible items
  • changed scroll to anchor script to native browser animation (better performance)
  • removed Instagram integration as Facebook changed its API

9 August 2019

  • Added reversed dropdown to top menu (when dropdown is out of the window)
  • Added 1px offset to sub dropdowns
  • Added padding top for shop header
  • Added support for links on hover image block
  • Added background color on select control
  • Added loading spinner in Hover Image blocks
  • Improved blog comments
  • Updated vendor scripts
  • Changed .nk-hover-image-links-2 styles
  • Changed slider navigation default opacity
  • Changed comments content width if user avatar doesn’t exists
  • Fixed header title scroll down button centering
  • Fixed sticky navbar + opaque content jumping
  • Fixed shop load more button and sharing buttons styles
  • Fixed fullscreen navbar close icon position
  • Fixed left padding in sidebar on mobile devices
  • Fixed Youtube plain video play
  • Fixed footer last <p> margin
  • Removed NanoScroller – use native scrollbars instead

1 June 2018

  • Added height auto for some images
  • Updated FontAwesome to 5.1.0
  • Updated Bootstrap to 4.1.1
  • Fixed play event for plain videos
  • Fixed $ variable usage in some js components
  • Fixed plain video on mobile devices opens only once
  • Removed unneeded attribute from tags

12 February 2018

  • Added missing configuration files for development (.babelrc, .eslint, etc…)
  • Added stylelint for scss sources
  • Added popup gallery to single half portfolio
  • Improved plain videos load (load only when user clicks on it)
  • Fixed scroll portfolio jerkiness (
  • Fixed fullscreen and magic mouse scroll

4 February 2018

  • Added more correct SCSS calculation of button text color depending on background color luminance
  • Added button background color hover class .nk-btn-hover-color-...
  • Added hover icon colors to some of the features blocks
  • Fixed top navbar right offset
  • Fixed many small things
  • Removed buttons shadows
  • Removed navbar background image transition

27 January 2018

  • added initial release
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