6 January 2022

  • updated dev dependencies
  • fixed forum buttons styles with svg icons
  • fixed link color of forum activity date

10 November 2021

  • fixed js obfuscator config error
  • fixed plain videos displaying thumbnail after pause
  • fixed JS error when accessing localStorage in the iframe with Incognito mode
  • fixed popup login form click to active tabs was not prevented
  • removed deprecated jQuery ‘ready’ event listener

22 October 2020

  • Updated vendor scripts and styles
  • Updated dev packages

5 May 2020

  • Updated vendor scripts and styles
  • Updated GSAP to v3 (changed all Godlike scripts, where used GSAP)
  • Updated dev packages

17 December 2019

  • improved store cart table on small screens
  • updated vendor plugins
  • fixed carousel stuck on mobile devices
  • fixed social network image size
  • fixed tables text color
  • fixed eslint and csslint errors

10 December 2018

  • fixed sticky navbar + opaque content jumping
  • fixed YouTube background suggestions showed
  • updated vendor plugins

27 August 2018

  • changed cursor images to SVG
  • changed Gulp config for developers
  • improved some styles added border radius to buttons
    • added hover opacity to carousel dots
    • changed accordion +/- icons to >
    • changed border width in image boxes circles, video play icons, carousel arrows, tags buttons
    • fixed prev/next arrow icons style
  • fixed visible progress bar on the background video
  • fixed plain Vimeo videos hidden Fullscreen button
  • fixed header bottom text position
  • fixed link-effect-1 button with icons
  • fixed search bar height (+ all input heights)

13 August 2018

  • updated plugins
  • fixed plain video YouTube play for Chrome (again)

12 July 2018

  • fixed plain video YouTube play

1 June 2018

  • added more attributes for background video
  • changed background audio to HTML tag (like background video)
  • fixed IE header content vertical center
  • fixed FulllScreen navigation in IE
  • fixed plain video on mobile devices opens only once
  • fixed background video/audio pause on FireFox when focused iframe
  • updated FontAwesome to 5.1.0

19 March 2018

  • added FontAwesome 5 support
  • reverted back the feature to prevent background video pause when clicked on iframes
  • updated vendor plugins to the latest versions

13 January 2018

  • updated Bootstrap to 4 RTM
  • added plain videos deffered loading (iframe loaded only after user click on video block)
  • improved development stack (added stylelint, added confiration files for some packages)
  • fixed some eslint and stylelint warnings
  • fixed smooth scroll in navigations on iOs
  • fixed summernote styles
  • removed jquery-form dependency, used $.ajax instead

12 January 2018

  • restored icons in html files

12 January 2018

  • fixed background video resize on slow connection

11 January 2018

  • added support for background Youtube and Vimeo videos
  • fixed revolution slider assets urls
  • removed self-hosted videos and used Youtube instead

8 January 2018

  • Be careful, there are a lot of changes
  • updated Bootstrap 4 to Beta 3
  • added gulp tasks for developers with SCSS, JS (ES6) + Webpack, HTML Nunjucks templates
  • added background music loop option in godlike-init.js
  • added break-words styles on body
  • updated /php/contact.php file. Usage example in documentation
  • fixed preloader image flickering
  • fixed background music/video pause if iframe focused
  • fixed header title on the profile/posts page in Edge
  • fixed img tags height on iOs devices
  • fixed preloader closing in Safari when back button clicked
  • changed all background images to tags with object-fit style
  • removed Bower. Used npm packages instead
  • removed feature, that set location hash when scroll to anchor (in some situations it was bugged)

2 September 2017

  • added pausing background video and audio when browser tab is inactive
  • added ESlint config and changed js files in /src/js folder
  • changed sharing block centering code to flexboxes
  • changed logo to svg
  • fixed fullscreen headerjumping in Chrome
  • fixed swipe navigation in Chrome
  • fixed header height and content overflowing
  • fixed position for dropdowns (covers in container)
  • fixed preloader undefined background image
  • fixed preloader sprites stretch on different screen sizes
  • fixed navbar jumping when open cart or login form
  • fixed sharing block z position (under navbar)
  • fixed left sharing block when enabled left navigation
  • removed some unused code and plugins

12 April 2017

  • added social network pages
  • added Game Promo demo one page
  • added landing page
  • added classic and grid news list styles
  • added login / registration form in navbar
  • added product quantity + and – buttons
  • added icon buttons (search, cart, sign form) in main left navigation
  • added accordions “+” and “-” icons
  • hide sharing buttons once body overflowed (when showed cart or sign form)
  • fixed vimeo plain videos in Firefox
  • fixed iOs scroll to anchor animation
  • fixed accordions collapsed class
  • fixed vertical centering for side and full menus
  • fixed header-title table layout (some content was not properly sized)
  • fixed nav-togglers size
  • fixed IE10 cart product image size
  • minor fixes and changes

6 March 2017

  • migrated to Bootstrap 4 Alpha 6 (be careful, some of the classes was changed)
  • updated the most of plugins in assets/bower_components folder
  • fixed dropdown position in fullscreen and side navigations
  • fixed bottom padding for carousels with dots
  • fixed sticky sidebar and content bugs (going down under footer sometimes)
  • fixed scroll to anchor when used no valid hash

28 January 2017

  • added background audio autoplay option
  • added option for navbar to disable hover effect (.nk-navbar-no-link-effect classname)
  • added top margin for post tags
  • changed video plain on mobile devices (open url in new tab).
  • fixed shortcuts toggle when they are disabled (by tapping O key)
  • fixed equal height when inside tags (sometimes content goes under footer)

8 January 2017

  • improved comments on mobile devices
  • increased performance for the most of animations
  • fixed preloader animation error if you want to disable only close or only show animations.
  • fixed search input bug on iOS (search block closed when you try to write something in the input)
  • fixed store cart show list of products on mobile devices
  • fixed progress bar percent position
  • fixed summernote modals style
  • fixed error in jQuery 3
  • fixed flickity carousel in store products (sometimes blocks got wrong height)
  • minor fixes

24 November 2016

  • improved readability for navbar items and buttons (added font-weight: bold)
  • fixed post author block clearfix
  • fixed from validation prevention with attribute novalidate
  • fixed audio play after ending
  • fixed twitter function to add links in text
  • fixed video block play icon position on small screens
  • fixed mobile navbar if there are 2 mobile navbars
  • fixed mega menus parse for mobile navbar
  • fixed disabled inputs styles
  • fixed select options text color
  • fixed search icon “squared” circle 🙂
  • minor changes

13 September 2016

  • added 3 columns gallery demo –
  • added documentation for preloader
  • added documentation for page background video
  • added loading spinner to plain videos
  • improved preloader link click function. More correct now
  • fixed instagram and twitter error when running on local
  • fixed black screen in Safari when click back button
  • fixed forum single topic for small screens
  • fixed hamburger icon color on light navbar
  • fixed header and footer parallaxes

22 August 2016

  • Addedinitial release
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