19 June 2023

  • fixed menu cart widget in WooCommerce v7.8
  • fixed scrolling after popup closed
  • fixed fullscreen and mobile nav keep displaying when clicked on anchor link
  • fixed conflict with custom page meta and search page

5 March 2022

  • fixed width of WooCommerce Checkout page sidebar

26 December 2021

  • added option to display parent links in mobile menu dropdowns
  • added option to hide navigation cart icon
  • added support for native CSS smooth scroll to anchor with JS fallback for old browsers
  • improved styles for RTL
  • fixed mobile menu dropdown collapse script (there are bugs in some rare cases)
  • fixed post type label output in the SearchWP (translatable label)
  • minor changes

2 September 2021

  • fixed JS error in theme metabox options
  • fixed JS error in new widgets editor
  • fixed mobile menu close automatically when click on the anchor link

12 August 2021

  • fixed video block border radius
  • fixed customizer styles bug in WordPress 5.8
  • minor changes

20 May 2021

  • fixed conflict with Ghost Kit custom styles (for example, when changing button colors in the editor)

3 May 2021

  • added support for 4k images
  • added support for Google AdSense
  • fixed social buttons block styles
  • fixed page options styles in WP 5.7

12 March 2021

  • improved Ghost Kit and Visual Portfolio breakpoints (sync with themes breakpoints)
  • fixed archive Masonry wrong positions calculations
  • fixed search popup logo size
  • fixed image size in Recent Posts block
  • fixed color on the removed product in the popup cart
  • fixed untranslated WooCommerce strings
  • fixed wrong left sidebar class
  • fixed sidebar side class if the option does not exists (for example on WooCommerce archive page)
  • fixed night mode switch when changed Gutenberg editor mode
  • fixed possible error when output images from customizer

14 January 2021

  • improved WooCommerce notices on mobile devices
  • fixed navbar active items hover color in dropdowns
  • fixed navbar icons outline when close popups on iOs devices
  • fixed zooming to form inputs on iOs devices
  • fixed popup cart styles on mobile devices
  • fixed WooCommerce external button styles on mobile devices
  • fixed WooCommerce checkout wrong styles on mobile devices

9 December 2020

  • added Initial release
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