Documentations: Quator WP



22 July 2019

  • added changelog and documentation links to theme dashboard
  • updated code to meet new Envato requirements

All shortcodes moved to separate plugin to meet new Envato requirements. Install in from Appearance > Install Plugins


18 February 2019

  • added deferred load for plain videos
  • updated WooCommerce templates to 3.5.x
  • prevent Kirki to load JS fontawesome
  • fixed WooCommerce add_required_star_to_placeholder function
  • fixed input quantity controls after ajax cart update
  • fixed fullscreen menu in IE
  • fixed options instagram button
  • fixed YouTube plain video play
  • fixed menu walker source code to insert the active class of the menu item

12 January 2018

  • fixed error on php < 5.3 (anonimous function usage)

23 December 2017

  • added Initial release
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