13 March 2024

  • fixed support for AWB plugin v1.12.2

19 June 2023

  • fixed menu cart widget in WooCommerce v7.8
  • fixed WooCommerce order download file name
  • fixed form validation when input has an empty maxlength attribute
  • fixed plain video display Vimeo video when autoplay is not working
  • fixed BuddyPress activity comments loading
  • fixed PageSpeed Insights accessibility errors

10 June 2022

  • fixed WooCommerce Stripe checkout styles

5 March 2022

  • fixed link color of forum activity date
  • fixed forum reply editor toolbar buttons width
  • fixed possibility to hide left-side main navigation using page meta boxes
  • minor changes

2 January 2022

  • fixed bbPress forum topic wrong height
  • fixed bbPress forum buttons styles with svg icons

25 December 2021

  • improved WooCommerce mobile cart styles

11 November 2021

  • fixed plain videos displaying thumbnail after pause
  • fixed JS error when accessing localStorage in the iframe with Incognito mode
  • fixed popup login form click to active tabs was not prevented
  • fixed wrong position of float elements inside forum topic
  • fixed url check in function `godlike_get_attachment`

29 March 2021

  • fixed BuddyPress Export page displaying
  • fixed BuddyPress cover image in profile on the members page
  • fixed possible error in displaying images from Customizer
  • fixed video shortcode can’t play after pause

5 November 2020

  • fixed BuddyPress groups and members cover header image
  • fixed Log Out string translation

3 November 2020

  • fixed parallax bug in the latest Safari
  • fixed BuddyPress background for activity messages
  • fixed usage of deprecated BuddyPress filter
  • removed Instagram settings, widget, and shortcode (since Instagram API changed, our code does not work)
  • removed usage of deprecated jQuery ‘ready’ event

17 September 2020

  • added wp_body_open() function usage
  • updated WooCommerce templates to support the latest plugin version
  • fixed image size inside WPBakery Page Builder text shortcode
  • removed unnecessary attributes from style and script tags
  • disabled WPBakery Frontend page builder (allowed usage of Backend editor only)

21 May 2020

  • added support for displaying multiple categories in posts list
  • added shortcodes support in the footer text
  • added support for custom post excerpts and display it instead of content in posts lists
  • fixed BuddyPress registration form alert after submit
  • fixed categories offset in posts list when no format selected

5 May 2020

  • Updated vendor scripts and styles
  • Fixed compatibility with the latest Slider Revolution (JS errors)
  • Fixed BuddyPress header background image position

18 April 2020

  • added loading spinner to Add to Cart button in products archive
  • added compatibility for Sociality v1.2
  • updated WooCommerce templates to v4.x
  • fixed displaying a button on 404 pages, when text hidden
  • fixed notice from accordion and tabs shortcodes
  • fixed displaying empty square on posts archive when no thumbnail specified

23 December 2019

  • fixed scripts in child theme and core plugin

17 December 2019

  • Improved store cart table on small screens
  • Updated vendor plugins
  • Fixed carousel stuck on mobile devices
  • fixed main menu navigation vertical centering (visible when used large logo)
  • fixed https links and pingbacks in header

28 October 2019

  • Fixed translations in Login With Ajax plugin template
  • Fixed sidebar inside post archives

22 October 2019

Changed WooCommerce image sizes usage. Don’t forget to configure image sizes in Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Product Images

  • Added custom WooCommerce options in Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Product Catalog
  • Changed WooCommerce images sizes. Used default Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Product Images
  • Deleted  duplicate of woocommerce_before_add_to_cart_button hook
  • Fixed WooCommerce product carousel CSS conflict
  • Fixed WooCommerce schema deprecation warning

24 July 2019

  • moved Age Check functionality to Godlike Core plugin. Don’t forget to update it to v1.1.0

22 July 2019

  • fixed theme ID in dashboard (were unable to activate the theme and update it)

22 July 2019

  • added clear floats after content
  • added documentation and changelog links to theme dashboard
  • changed comments title when there is at least 1 comment, but adding comments is closed
  • fixed reply form top margin when no comments available
  • fixed php error when Core plugin is not active
  • fixed mega menu checkbox value save
  • removed unused woocommerce template

27 June 2019

  • added support for sidebars on archive pages
  • added support for WooCommerce wc_get_default_products_per_row option
  • updated WooCommerce templates
  • improved code for new Envato requirements
  • fixed image modification error in WooCommerce gallery
  • fixed Logo Hide on Mobile option
  • fixed lwa registration form w3c valiadion error
  • fixed JS error ‘$rows is undefined’
  • removed unused scripts

12 December 2018

All shortcodes and widgets moved from the theme code. Please, install bundled godlike-core plugin.

  • updated WooCommerce templates
  • fixed background video YouTube suggestions visibility
  • fixed sticky navbar jumping sometimes
  • fixed BuddyPress image size in content
  • fixed WooCommerce Swatches on variable products
  • fixed WooCommerce smart cart ajax

12 October 2018

  • fixed age check for search bots (pages may not scanned by bots)
  • fixed classes for WooCommerce order list
  • fixed Attachment Resolution option for archive and search pages

10 September 2018

  • fixed shipping and billing columns styles
  • fixed php error in posts if not installed Sociality plugin

6 September 2018

Sharing, Likes and Author block in posts was changed and now requires Sociality plugin.

  • added support for Sociallity plugin
  • added support for WooCommerce 3.4.x
  • added support for BuddyPress 3.1.x
  • added dark style for embedded posts
  • improved some styles:
    • added border radius to buttons
    • added hover opacity to carousel dots
    • changed accordion + and - icons to >
    • changed border width in image boxes circles, video play icons, carousel arrows, tags buttons
    • fixed prev/next arrow icons style
  • changed cursor images to SVG
  • fixed WooCommerce notice position
  • fixed the most of Theme Check errors
  • fixed Instagram access token broken button
  • fixed visible progress bar on the background video
  • fixed plain Youtube videos play
  • fixed plain Vimeo videos hidden Fullscreen button
  • fixed header bottom text position
  • fixed link-effect-1 button with icons
  • fixed search bar height (+ all input heights)

19 March 2018

  • reverted back the feature to prevent background video pause when clicked on iframes
  • updated vendor plugins to the latest versions

12 March 2018

  • required theme activation to use custom styles
  • added WooCommerce 3.3.x support
  • added FontAwesome 5 support
  • added video poster support in header
  • changed plain videos to deffered video load (only after play button clicked)
  • changed all header images to <img> tags
  • fixed smooth scroll in navigations on iOs
  • fixed options for shop category and tag pages
  • fixed php warning in the tags-cloud widget if no tags found

12 January 2018

  • added versions to all enqueued assets (should help to purge caches after theme update)
  • fixed background video resize on slow connection

11 January 2018

  • restored option to choose background image (previously called Video Poster)

11 January 2018

  • added support for background video options for header
  • added support for page background Youtube and Vimeo videos
  • added age check redirect success options
  • added payment gateway information for ‘thankyou’ WooCommerce page
  • added options in customizer for user dropdown menu
  • added support for the latest WooCommerce (v3.2.x)
  • updated Bootstrap 4 to Beta 3
  • fixed preloader image flickering
  • fixed background music/video pause if iframe focused
  • fixed header title on the profile/posts page in Edge
  • fixed img tags height on iOs devices
  • fixed preloader closing in Safari when back button clicked
  • fixed WooCommerce order-details template
  • fixed WooCommerce popup show option
  • fixed WooCommerce review ratex text output (added round double number)
  • fixed age check form redirects
  • fixed badges output for BuddyPress elements
  • fixed some deprecated WooCommerce methods usage
  • fixed structured data classes in templates
  • removed self-hosted videos and used Youtube instead

3 October 2017

  • added an additional check for the menu (so that the parents of the active element are also active)
  • fixed WooCommerce incorrect get id option
  • fixed Kirki 3.0.10 deprecated notices
  • fixed background music/video pause if iframe focused

4 September 2017

  • added pausing background video and audio when browser tab is inactive
  • added option to use mouse parallax in woocommerce shop page
  • fixed WooCommerce My Address page
  • fixed WooCommerce categories and subcategories output
  • fixed WooCommerce shortcodes output
  • fixed WooCommerce review sending without rating selected
  • fixed bbp-forum-form shortcode output
  • fixed light color option in left navigation
  • fixed position for dropdowns (covers in container)
  • fixed preloader undefined background image
  • fixed preloader sprites stretch on different screen sizes
  • fixed navbar jumping when open cart or login form
  • fixed sharing block z position (under navbar)
  • fixed left sharing block when enabled left navigation

28 July 2017

  • added ES translation
  • added WooCommerce 3.1.1 compatibility
  • changed AWB plugin source to
  • moved theme dashboard from theme to the helper plugin
  • fixed BuddyPress registration button showing an alert on form submission
  • fixed conflict Menu Icons plugin and Mega Menu options
  • fixed menu icons block showing
  • fixed some bbPress translation strings
  • fixed some comments translation strings
  • fixed sharing buttons data sharing (pinterest image sharing now work ok)

10 July 2017

  • fixed Kirki compatible with ACF

3 July 2017

  • added support for WooCommerce 3.1 version
  • changed options structure (the most of theme files changed). Now defaults loaded from options declaration also without Kirki plugin
  • fixed tables styles in comments
  • fixed customizer options with social selector

25 June 2017

  • added support for rtMedia BuddyPress plugin
  • added target option in “Keep in touch” side button
  • added BuddyPress pages and notifications count in navbar user dropdown menu
  • added ‘disable’ style value that hides overlay container if not set content from nk-image-box shortcode
  • fixed output attributes in nk-image-box shortcode (added trim functions)
  • fixed language .pot file generated line numbers
  • fixed Customizer area for Kirki 3.0 update
  • fixed default customizer option values when disabled Kirki
  • fixed some WooCommerce templates to compatible with 3.0.9 version
  • removed icons option from the customizer top menu. Now you need to use plugin Menu Icons and add icons in Appearance > Menus

13 June 2017

  • fixed AJAX registration form (now ajax is working ok instead of redirect)
  • fixed bbPress avatar (if you use plugin for custom avatars, it will work properly now)
  • fixed php shorttag usage <?

8 June 2017

  • added BuddyPress plugin support
  • added Game Promo demo one page
  • added landing page
  • added classic and grid news list styles
  • added support for Login With Ajax plugin
  • added login/registration form in navigation
  • added icons search, cart, login form in left navigation
  • added possibility to use page background poster without background video
  • added new quantity input control for WooCommerce pages
  • fixed moment-timezone plugin slug
  • fixed WooCommerce average rating calculation
  • fixed infinite scroll when used several shortcodes with it on the page
  • fixed vimeo plain videos in Firefox
  • fixed iOs scroll to anchor animation
  • fixed vertical centering for side and full menus
  • fixed header-title table layout (some content was not properly sized)
  • fixed nav-togglers size
  • fixed IE10 cart product image size
  • hide sharing buttons on mobile devices
  • hide sharing buttons once body overflowed (when showed cart or sign form)

10 April 2017

  • added WooCommerce 3.0.x compatibility
  • added accordions “+” and “-” icons
  • fixed vertical centering for side and full menus
  • fixed Vimeo plain videos in Firefox
  • fixed iOs scroll to anchor animation
  • fixed WooCommerce subcategory page
  • fixed WooCommerce menu cart when used cache plugins
  • fixed header-title table layout (some content not properly sized)
  • fixed forum reply styles on mobile
  • fixed bbPress threaded replies
  • fixed breadcrumbs php error

23 March 2017

  • added mask support in progress bar
  • fixed terms output for woocommerce checkout page
  • fixed translation file and strings
  • fixed WooCommerce thankyou page styles
  • fixed WooCommerce form-pay page styles
  • fixed bbPress single-user page

10 March 2017

  • fixed navigation badge with the number of items in the cart
  • fixed TinyMCE tabs in bbPress
  • fixed some translation strings

6 March 2017

  • migrated to Bootstrap 4 Alpha 6
  • improved demo importing script (less memory usage and with progress bar)
  • updated most of plugins in assets/bower_components folder
  • fixed dropdown position in fullscreen and side navigations
  • fixed bottom padding for carousels with dots
  • fixed sticky sidebar and content bugs (going down under footer sometimes)
  • fixed scroll to anchor when used no valid hash
  • fixed translation date in bbPress
  • fixed bbPress title output
  • fixed parallax output with nk-post-list shortcode
  • fixed top padding when disabled banner and header with opaque option

28 January 2017

  • added Age Check (Age Verifier) –
  • added background audio autoplay option
  • added option for navigations to disable hover effect
  • added top margin for post tags
  • added Back Title Opacity option
  • added custom link support for nK Gallery shortcode
  • added WP Google Maps plugin in Contact page
  • updated translation output for bbPress and Blog comments
  • changed video plain on mobile devices (open url in new tab)
  • fixed shortcuts toggle when they are disabled (by tapping O key)
  • fixed equal height when inside tags (sometimes content goes under footer)
  • fixed content of moderated comments

13 January 2017

  • fixed translation for ‘Written by:’

12 January 2017

  • improved demo import script
  • fixed mega menu images insertion (unable to add different images in different menu items)
  • fixed typo in empty cart message
  • fixed page border bug (you can’t change images on your own)
  • fixed tinymce toolbar in bbpress
  • fixed textarea in bbpress topics
  • fixed attributes in Button shortcode

8 January 2017

  • added WooCommerce support
  • added option to set screen width to hide logo
  • added ‘Show Once’ options for preloader animation
  • added TinyMCE options and styles for bbPress
  • improved comments on mobile devices
  • increased performance for the most of animations
  • fixed background video, background music and images options. Now there is possible to remove it
  • fixed scss images – changed to BASE64 (if you use custom styles, please, recompile it)
  • fixed demo importer failures
  • fixed 404 home page link
  • fixed search input bug on iOS (search block closed when you try to write something in the input)
  • fixed php error, that occurs on some hosts

19 December 2016

  • added typography controls for Menu items and Buttons

18 December 2016

  • added Initial release
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