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9 March 2020

  • fixed navbar vertical scroll on mobile devices
  • fixed tabs PHP 7 error

24 December 2019

  • fixed headings break word
  • fixed https profile and pingback links in head section
  • fixed portfolio pagination strings (load more and infinite load)
  • changed video blocks thumbnail on ready event

22 July 2019

  • fixed theme ID in dashboard (were unable to activate the theme and update it)

19 July 2019

  • fixed fullscreen nav dropdown centering in FireFox

18 July 2019

  • moved shortcodes and widgets to separate plugin “Snow Core”. Please, don’t forget to install it from “Appearance > Install Plugins”
  • fixed customizer instagram token button
  • fixed carousel “style 3” images size
  • updated portfolio Fly and Fade item styles (compatibility with Visual Portoflio v1.12.1)

27 October 2018

  • fixed YouTube plain video
  • fixed smooth scroll to anchor
  • fixed sticky navbar + opaque content jumping
  • fixed PHP error in the single portfolio if gallery images don’t exist
  • updated FontAwesome to the SVG 5 version

11 December 2017

  • moved theme dashboard to helper plugin
  • added support for Visual Portfolio plugin
    • renamed taxonomy ‘portfolio-category’ to ‘portfolio_category’
    • renamed taxonomy ‘portfolio-tag’ to ‘portfolio_tag’
  • added popup gallery in single portfolio Half, Gallery and Simple Gallery styles
  • added support for custom user Excerpts
  • fixed Kirki notices

17 July 2017

  • fixed sharing function (pinterest now work with featured image)

15 July 2017

  • fixed social links option selector (removed multiple option)
  • fixed Select2 conflict with ACF and Kirki

25 June 2017

  • fixed customizer options on Kirki 3.0.x
  • fixed infinite scroll when used on the main page
  • fixed options usage on the whole theme (the most of php files affected)

23 May 2017

  • fixed infinite scroll option for posts/portfolio archives when used several shortcodes on the page

21 May 2017

  • in portfolio/blog filter now showed only available categories in the current list (no more empty filter categories)
  • fixed portfolio category and tag pages
  • fixed single portfolio content (some elements didn’t printed, for example form fields)
  • fixed iOs scroll to anchor animation
  • fixed swipe navigation in the latest Chrome
  • fixed navbar dropdown position to fit in container
  • fixed half portfolio content padding on mobile devices

5 May 2017

  • fixed some strings translation
  • fixed single portfolio sharing buttons
  • fixed fullscreen header in Chrome 58
  • fixed fullscreen and side navigations vertical centering
  • removed unused Prism.js plugin

18 March 2017

  • fixed Vimeo plain videos in Firefox
  • fixed categories names in portfolio list (show name instead of slug)

9 March 2017

  • migrated to Bootstrap 4 Alpha 6
  • added pictograms in portfolio layouts selector (now more easily to select your portfolio style)
  • added links support in nK Icon Box shortcode
  • added possibility to use custom links in portfolio single page gallery
  • added option to show date and share buttons on portfolio single pages
  • improved demo import
  • fixed navigations on mobile devices
  • fixed sticky sidebar and content bugs (going down under footer sometimes)
  • fixed scroll to anchor when used no valid hash
  • fixed some strings, that being not translation ready
  • updated the most of plugins in assets/bower_components folder

18 February 2016

  • added option to remove title from portfolio archive

17 February 2016

  • fixed importing of all demos (previously worked only Main)

11 February 2016

  • added Initial release
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