Files Structure

  • /rootui-react/src/ – source files:
    • /actions/ – React Redux actions;
    • /reducers/ – React Redux reducers;
    • /components/ – all RootUI components;
    • /pages/ – all RootUI demo pages;
    • /utils/ – additional helpful functions;
    • /index.jsx – main script, which adds React app on the page;
    • /App.jsx – main wrapper for your React app. Contains all higher-level components and functions;
    • /Routes.jsx – all routes from the /pages/ folder controlled with react-router-dom module;
    • /settings.jsx – global settings, used on the RootUI; Such as night mode, navigations links. You need to configure it for your application needs.
    • /globals.jsx – global scripts definitions, such as jQuery;
    • /methods.jsx – additional methods for RootUI core script;
  • /rootui-react/build/ – ready for production files. To see this folder need to run NPM script first;
  • /rootui-react/* – system files for development;
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