17 August 2022

  • added align center in the countdown on small screens
  • added responsive icon in the Ghost Kit video block
  • updated demo content
  • updated WooCommerce mini-cart template version
  • fixed overlay background color in the cart item when removed
  • fixed background-color in the Buttons
  • fixed Ghost Kit circle button
  • fixed white-space in the CyberPress blocks info
  • fixed position header when admin bar position absolute
  • fixed border link in the Visual Portfolio pagination when loading
  • fixed reply link in the heading comments on small screens
  • fixed filter in the product block button
  • fixed styles for product review approval text
  • fixed product link in the cart
  • fixed width in the product block on small screens
  • fixed monster play child theme screenshot
  • minor changes for responsive styles

13 August 2022

  • improved font size of Display heading style on small screen
  • fixed visible icon button on the products list
  • fixed border color of select in the Select2 in WooCommerce
  • fixed admin bar height variable usage
  • fixed some w3c errors
  • hide meta data from pages and products in standard archives (mostly visible on Search page)
  • changed meta and text colors
  • changed standard excerpt size
  • chagned default title font to Jost

11 August 2022

  • added Initial release
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