13 March 2024

  • fixed support for AWB plugin v1.12.2

8 January 2023

  • fixed WooCommerce template array to string conversation in PHP 8

29 December 2022

  • updated WooCommerce templates to the latest version

10 November 2022

  • fixed PHP error appeared because of strict PHP rules on some hosts

5 March 2022

  • fixed broken select control in Customizer options in Kirki v4
  • fixed khaki core check for used template

12 July 2021

  • added function khaki_cpt_init to allow users overwrite it inside child theme
  • added wp_body_open function support
  • changed icons in Social Links widget
  • removed unnecessary attributes from style and script tags
  • fixed search bar closing on iOs devices
  • fixed Posts List image displaying
  • fixed possible php warning in mega menu code
  • fixed Core plugin version

21 April 2020

  • added support for WooCommerce 4.0
  • added support for Sociality 1.2
  • fixed links in header to use https
  • fixed accordion and tabs shortcode error in PHP 7

23 December 2019

  • fixed Side Navigation Show default option
  • fixed js error on undefined variables
  • fixed https profile and pingback links in header
  • changed bbPress styles deregister function to wp_dequeue_style

22 July 2019

  • added clearfix after content of all post types
  • added changelog and documentation links to documentation
  • moved comments Edit link next to post date
  • fixed some envato theme check warnings

29 May 2019

  • updated WooCommerce templates to 3.6.0
  • updated theme according to Envato Requirements
  • fixed linkedin social icon
  • fixed js variables for sticky admin bar script
  • fixed WooCommerce pages display on mobile screens
  • fixed WooCommerce Shipping calculator. Now we used default WooCommerce shipping-calculator template

21 April 2019

  • fixed video backgrounds play
  • fixed main menu and a mobile menu both show at the same time

27 February 2019

This is major theme update, many things were changed:

  • changed overall styles
  • updated Ionicons plugin, changed a lot of icon classes (it may be broken on your existing pages)
  • added Khaki Core plugin and deprecated old shortcodes and widgets plugins
  • added background video background support for headers
  • added Google Fonts if Kirki plugin is disabled
  • updated WooCommerce templates to support 5.x version
  • updated vendor scripts
  • changed main color
  • changed social widget styles
  • changed navigation links styles
  • changed navbar dropdown effect and position
  • changed buttons rounded corners size
  • changed side buttons style
  • changed post continue reading link style
  • changed page nav styles
  • changed side buttons hover effect
  • disabled top menu by default (enable it in Appearance > Customize)
  • fixed navbar user dropdown open if form input focused
  • fixed navbar dropdown going to the window corner
  • fixed sticky navbar + opaque content jumping
  • fixed header bottom text centering
  • fixed fullscreen menu width jumping
  • fixed add to cart number input size in FireFox
  • fixed quick view styles on mobile devices
  • fixed plain YouTube video play
  • fixed code to meet Envato requirements
  • fixed navigation position with admin bar
  • fixed WooCommerce notice position

29 July 2018

  • added clearfix after post content
  • added styles for default WP galleries
  • updated WooCommerce templates to 3.2.0 version
  • fixed WP calendar text color
  • fixed WooCommerce cart table
  • fixed WooCommerce loop view on mobile
  • fixed notice about undefined primary menu object
  • fixed WooCommerce add_required_star_to_placeholder function
  • fixed options for shop category and tag pages
  • removed unused plugins

3 October 2017

  • added additional check for the menu (so that the parents of the active element are also active)
  • fixed Kirki 3.0.10 deprecated notices

4 September 2017

  • moved widgets to separate plugin (install it from Appearance > Install Plugins)
  • added cart and login form support in left navbar
  • added Light Search option
  • fixed bbPress shortcodes output
  • fixed bbPress avatar possibility to change it with 3rd party plugins
  • fixed WooCommerce shortcodes output
  • fixed WooCommerce small cart widget buttons
  • fixed portfolio tags output
  • fixed login form height when showed errors
  • fixed navbar icons cropping
  • fixed navbar visibility when sharing block opened

28 July 2017

  • moved theme dashboard to plugin
  • moved AWB plugin to

25 July 2017

  • added Initial release
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