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Yaybar has a set of classes that you can add to change your sidebar view.

Getting started example:

Yaybar HTML Example:

Alailable Yaybar classes:

  • .yay-hide-to-small – hide sidebar to small bar with icons only
  • .yay-static – static position while scrolling page
  • .yay-content-overlay – overlay content when sidebar opened
  • .yay-right-side – sidebar on the right side of the page
  • Effects:
    • .yay-overlay – overlay content
    • .yay-push – push content to side
    • .yay-shrink – shrink content width

Available <body> classes:

  • .yay-hide – hide sidebar on startup

Available <html> classes:

  • .yay-rtl – enable RTL mode on the sidebar
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