Documentations: Skylith WP

Menu Setup

If the menu is not available after the import, you can fix it

  1. Navigate to AppearanceMenus and select Manage Locations tab
  2. In this tab, set the appropriate menu types
  3. Save your settings and check it

Social Menu

To add social icons in menus you need to use plugin Menu Icons and “Social Menu” location:

Menu with social icons

By default Social Menu will be shown in all menus (Top Menu and Mobile Menu). You can limit it in AppearanceCustomizeNavigationSocial Navigation:

Social navigation Customizer

Mega Menu

Mega menu example

To create this type of menu follow these steps:

  1. Create menu in AppearanceMenus
  2. Make 3 levels menu, where:
    1. 1st level is top menu item
    2. 2nd level is column label
    3. 3rd level is items in column
  3. Check “Mega Menu” checkbox on 1st menu level item
Mega menu settings
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